Editor’s Letter

Welcome to For Women in Law, a platform dedicated to empowering women through courageous convos, legal tips, connecting and inspiring! 

A little bit about myself, I am Noemi Muya, a Congolese-born South Afrucan, devoted christian and eldest of three girls. I am Candidate Attorney, ferocious reader and lifetime fan of Sex and the City.  I hold a BA Law degree from the University of North West and an LLB degree from the University of South Africa.

I initially started For Women in Law as a hobby while experiencing heavy black-balling and toxicity from a woman in a senior position at a firm I worked in. I then promised myself that as I move up in my career, I will always create an enabling and safe environment for women who come after me.

Women empowerment is a topic very close to my heart and in creating this platform, I hope to connect with and empower women. Pass the baton and share the wisdom.  In Mireille Guiliano’s words, life experienced, observed and communicated by a woman to another woman is just not the same as getting it from a male perspective.

I am committed to showcasing woman power in all of its glory. I will lead the way.

– Noemi Muya


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