The Power of Saying No

We are in a constant search of mentorship, we are constantly looking for inspiration, new goals and creative ways to achieve what we desire. 

Why is it that others seem to have the key solution to solving the day to day problems that we face? Why does it always seem easier for others? What do they have that we lack?

I’ve always asked myself what is it really that seems to be holding me back, what is my quicksand that would rather keep me in the same spot?

I’ve come to the conclusion that our biggest friend and most fearful enemy is time. If we invest in it well, we can achieve anything that we wish for, but if invested wrongly… 

As much as we’d wish things were different, time is truly irreplaceable. And all the successful women I’ve met over time knew that time is of the essence and they always advised us to be careful with what we prioritize. 

I’ve walked the streets alone, I spent time drinking my tea alone in a coffee shop or on a bench in the park, I’ve shamelessly ignored text messages and calls and guarded my personal space. I know, it sounded selfish to me too at first, but the words that kept singing in my mind were Henry Ford’s: “givers must set limits, because takers rarely do”. 

We always talk about the importance of self care, but self care isn’t always about skincare and eating healthy, most of the times it’s about boundaries and having the power to say no. 

As a woman with a plan, there is nothing more important than your goals, your plans and who and what you choose to be or to become. If we lack the courage to say no to what can harm our state of mind, if we lack the courage to prioritize our needs over the needs of others, if we don’t realize soon enough that we are our very own CEOs, which gives us the right to “hire”, “promote” and “fire” people and chores accordingly, we will always wonder why it is easier for others to achieve their goals. 

Givers must set limits, because takers rarely, if not never, do. 

This article was written and submitted by Noemi Cădariu. Noemi is a goal-oriented and vibrant final year law student from Romania. She is also a contributor for For Women in Law


  1. Isabel (Law Student) on August 19, 2020 at 00:36

    This speaks to me in so many ways as a mom, sister and friend above all colleague. There are times when I am stretched thin, and it boils down to time management. I tend to fill up my cup with so much yet I forget the power of saying no, or even not right now.

    Thank you for the amazing post, as I learn to make time for me and say No.

    • Noemi C. on September 1, 2020 at 12:49

      I’m so glad it spoke to you! I wish you all the strenght and time to get everything done as you desire 😍

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