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Lessons From An Entrepreneur

By For Women in Law | Apr 14, 2021

Lessons from an entrepreneur We have made it through the first quarter of 2021, and as April ushers in the second quarter of the year, I find it to be the best time to reflect and set intentions for the next three months. The first book I share, I hope will assist you in reflecting…

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Rental Housing Tribunal Complaints

By For Women in Law | Apr 6, 2021

The Rental Housing Tribunal When a party to an agreement (either verbal or written) breaks the lease agreement or a lease term appears to be unjust, the innocent party can approach the Rental Housing Tribunal to lodge a complaint of an unfair practice. Each province has a Tribunal established under the Rental Housing Act 50…

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The importance of Non-Disclosure Agreements

By For Women in Law | Feb 24, 2021

Non-disclosure in general A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is a legal document that protects parties’ confidential information. An NDA is an agreement by two or more organisations’ not to give information to others (including third parties) about formal discussions they are having or plans they are making together. It can also be incorporated into agreements where…

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Lean In – Review by Nthabiseng Motsie

By For Women in Law | Feb 4, 2021

“Internal obstacles are rarely discussed and often underplayed. Throughout my life, I was told over and over about inequalities in the workplace and how hard it would be to have a career and a family. I rarely heard anything, however, about the ways I might hold myself back. These internal obstacles deserve a lot more…

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By For Women in Law | Dec 23, 2020

On our last interview for the year we chat to Boitumelo Magolego. Boitumelo is a Senior Corporate Legal Adviser with a focus in Legal and Regulatory Advocacy. It’s been a huge pleasure this year to interview and feature #womeninlaw who didn’t take the practice route. I hope you’ve enjoyed these interviews as much as I…

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A Day in the Life of a Candidate Attorney

By For Women in Law | Sep 15, 2020

When I began my articles of clerkship in January 2020, to say I was on an emotional roller-coaster does not quite capture the wide spectrum of anxiety, excitement, confusion, and plain old fear that I experienced. I was wide-eyed, fresh out of University where I had just completed a highly demanding degree and I had…

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By For Women in Law | Aug 21, 2020

During these unprecedented times, businesses are struggling to cope with the financial aspects of running a business, and both employers and employees are suffering. One of the major issues that businesses are faced with is whether to retrench employees in order to re-build their business. Avoiding retrenchment Where employers’ businesses are likely to be severely…

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By For Women in Law | Aug 20, 2020

The thought and talk of death can be very uncomfortable and this can discourage most people from taking the important step of drafting a Will, but having a Will is not only the responsible thing to do but it can be one of the most important decisions you take in your life – for  yourself…

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Woman in Law Interview with Advocate Kundani Ramashia

By For Women in Law | Aug 17, 2020

This week we chat with Advocate Kundani Rorisang Ramashia, who is a family advocate and holds a BCom Law and LLB degree. Advocate Ramashia’s qualifications also include Short Courses in Divorce and Family Mediation. She completed her Articles of Clerkship and became admitted as an attorney in 2013 and practiced as such up until December…

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